Our team

Anna Kazakova coachAnna K. Lindegren, co-founder
Anna started swimming when she was 20 to recover from a surgery. Hiring a coach was a key to her success despite a later start. Today she is a swimming coach and life guard licensed by the Swedish Lifesavers Association(SLS) since 2013. She crossed the Bosphorus channel (6,5km) , finished Stockholm Olympic Triathlon, swam Stockholms Simmet (3,3 km) i 2015. Anna has been coaching breaststroke and crawl since 2012 at SSIF, Stockholm City, Kamishi Swim, SLS Gotland Summer Swimming School. Together with Oxana she founded the club in 2015.

Home is where the pool is

Oxana Lundström, co-founder

Oxana started swimming when she was 11 and can’t get enough of it since then. Back in the 90s she was competing in the Moscow youth swimming league, today she is a Masters swimmer and an open water enthusiast. She won a silver medal in free style relay in Stockholm VM 2014, swam Riddarfjärdssimningen 2014, Stockholms Simmet 2015 (3,3 km) and is training for more. Oxana is also a mom of two and can give you advice on training during pregnancy and postpartum.

Oxana is a trained life guard and has been coaching aspiring swimmers since 2013. Together with Anna she founded the club in 2015.

Swimming is an opportunity to be one with nature and to feel truly alive.

Evgenia Kozlova, administrator

Evgenia is our life saver online, she coordinates all the administrative work around our courses and camps. Evgenia has master’s degree in International Cooperation and speaks four languages (Swedish, English, Russian and Spanish). She is passionate about humanitarian impact and is excited to be able to work on such an important mission as teaching adult foreigners to swim while helping them integrate into their new society.

Swimming changes lives

Saima Kivimäki, coach

Saima has been swimming since she was a baby and started to compete at the age of 7. She was training hard and attended the Finnish nationals several times.  Besides pool swimming, Saima is interested in open water swimming and triathlon.  Saima is a licenced swim teacher by Finnish Swimming teaching and Lifesaving federation. She has been teaching and coaching kids and adults for 4 years now. Laguages Saima can teach in: English, Finish, Swedish.

Enjoy swimming.

Milla Hollmen, coach

Milla has loved the water ever since she born, leading her into competitive swimming. She attended the Junior Olympics several times, as well as other regional competitions. Milla also played Varsity Water Polo and participated in open water competitions in San Diego.  As a trained swim instructor with several years of experience teaching and coaching, Milla loves to share her passion for swimming with others.  Languages that Milla teaches in: English, Finnish.

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Peter Norris, coach
Peter grew up surrounded by water, achieving his bronze medallion in secondary school while also swimming, windsurfing and sailing on the West Australian coast. He has worked for 3 years as a lifeguard and AUST-Swim qualified swimming teacher in Australia for children and adult beginners. Besides swimming, Peter has travelled through Asia, surfing in Indonesia and Sri Lanka and mountaineering in the Indian Himalayas (Sikkim). He holds a masters in ‘Disaster Risk Management’ from Lund University (Sweden), specialising in multi-cultural team collaboration. Languages: Peter teaches in English and is a beginner in Swedish and Russian.

Swimming uses every muscle in our bodies

swimming coach StockholmHo-Yi Law, coach

Ho Yi started swimming as a hobby after joining the local school swimming team at age 15, eventually finishing first place in front crawling- and relay competitions. Working as a teacher in special needs schools and working part-time as a swimming coach for the last 7 years in Hong Kong, Ho Yi has worked with both youths and adults to prepare for swimming competitions as well as helping students overcoming fear of water or learning to swim, regardless of age or background. Ho Yi  completed the Hong Kong Cross Harbour Race in 2014 and is licensed by the Hong Kong Life Saving Society.

Languages Ho Yi can teach in: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Running water never grows stale. So you just have to keep on flowing

Qlasse Dahlquist, coach

When Qlasse was 11 (1968) he began training with Kanaan Simsällskap. His coaching career began in 1972 in Strängnäs Simsällskap. From 2016 he became head coach in his old club Kanaan, where he still works, after 40 years. He is an extremely skilled educator and can get anyone to love this sport.
Qlasse has got high education as a swimming coach in 1990, Gilla Vatten 2016 and Brainswim 2018. He has been doing swimming for 50 years and does not know how to stop. Now he is a leader coach in our project of swimming for asylum seekers. Languages Qlasse can teach in: Swedish, English

Just keep swimming.