Winter swimming

Do you know well how to swim and are you looking for new experience? We have one nice idea for you! Winter swimming can be super exciting challenge full of fun.

The benefits of winter swims are scientifically proven to raise ones feel-good hormones, lower stress and improve sleep (unless you have heart or circulation problems which mean braving icy waters should be avoided).
The cold water causes the blood vessels to constrict to try to retain body heat and the blood pressure increases to avoid cooling down. In the process to protect the body, hormones such as endorphins, are released and act as a pain relief (as well as as an antidepressant) for a few hours. As a result winter bathers are known to lead more active lives and are generally happier and more fulfilled people.

Where? If you are in Stockholm or you are planning to visit, consider Hellasgarden. For fans of winter sports, Hellasgarden is a great place to be in winter. Around 25 minutes from the center of the city, Hellasgården has slopes for downhill skiers and paths for cross country skiers. There’s even a swim hole cut directly out of the ice for the really adventurous among you! The on-site café serves a range of drinks and snacks and on weekends they fire up grills where you can cook your own sausages and burgers which you can buy inside the café. There is even a fun sledding hill fit for both adults and children—but you must bring your own sled.

Take our advice and wear a hat when you are ice-swimming, you retain up to 50% of your body heat if you do!

If you are experienced cold water swimmer consider to participate in Open Scandinavian Championship in Winter Swimming.

A Winter Swimming Competition is being organized on Saturday 17 February 201 8 in Skellefteå. This is the Scandinavian Championship and a part of the World Cup. Last year they had approximately 400 winter swimmers from 21 countries and this year we hope to see 500 competitors.
The competition is being organized by the association Dark & Cold in close cooperation with the Association Skelleftesim, Skellefteå municipality and the newspaper Norran.
Individual competitions in 25-meter breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly, 50-meter breaststroke and freestyle and 100-meter freestyle. Relay races 4 x 25 meters breaststroke where both genders must be represented.

If you are both great traveler and cold water swimmer you can check the events under International Winter Swimming Association.  

Winter swimming is a global lifestyle and sporting activity. IWSA World Cup Series is the next step giving ordinary swimmers a chance to participate in a series of safe international events. It helps to promote winter swimming as a healthy sport and fosters great international friendships.

Enjoy swimming, challenge yourself and get inolvidable experience with ice water swimming!

If you are a newbie swimmer, we recommend you to have some classes before, make sure that you are confident in the water!


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