Haga Park in Stockholm

Haga Park in Stockholm

As you may know, we are working in Haga Health Club, which is awesome SPA in Radisson Blue Hotel.

So we are real fans of the area.

And we are here to tell you more about our wonderful neighborhood.

Part of the Royal National City Park, the lush Haga Park (or just Haga) is situated just north of Stockholm in the suburb of Solna. Founded by the monarch Gustav III in 1780-1797, Haga is Sweden’s foremost example of an English landscape park, and one of Sweeden’s most popular recreational areas. It’s also the site of many historical landmarks.

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Winter swimming

Do you know well how to swim and are you looking for new experience? We have one nice idea for you! Winter swimming can be super exciting challenge full of fun.

The benefits of winter swims are scientifically proven to raise ones feel-good hormones, lower stress and improve sleep (unless you have heart or circulation problems which mean braving icy waters should be avoided).
The cold water causes the blood vessels to constrict to try to retain body heat and the blood pressure increases to avoid cooling down. In the process to protect the body, hormones such as endorphins, are released and act as a pain relief (as well as as an antidepressant) for a few hours. As a result winter bathers are known to lead more active lives and are generally happier and more fulfilled people.
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Best Christmas Gifts for Swimmers

Best Christmas Gifts for Swimmers

10 Best Budget-Friendly Christmas Presents for Swimmers

Swimming is like religion for those who spend more time in water than out of water. If you’re lucky to be a swimmer, and have friends who are swimmers, here are 10 solid tips for the perfect Christmas gift.

1. Medal Holder
Competitive swimmers usually don’t know how to display their medals, so they usually end up siting in a box, placed on a shelf somewhere in a closet. This is a great way to display medals….and encourage more training to win more medals! 

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Ideas for tattoos for swimmers

Swim main

Maybe not that healthy, but sometimes we just need  a statement.  A powerful statement.

I do not have a tattoo yet…

So I started to look through possibilities and here what I found. Really inspirational for swimming lovers, so cute and funny!  One day I’ll make one of these passion statements!

Do you love swimming this much?

More ideas for swimming tattoos see here…