Is swimming good for you?

We all know that swimming has amazing health and psychological benefits, and we already spoke about it in our Blog.

It is true that swimming works the whole body, improving cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance, posture, and flexibility all at the same time. The cardiovascular system in particular benefits because swimming improves your body’s use of oxygen without overworking your heart. But are you sue that swimming is good for you?

Swimming is amazing exercise but you should know the right technique, this is the rule number one to enjoy all possible benefits.

For example, the average person’s ability in the pool is not sufficient to maintain a level of intensity that will enable them lose weight.  Many people who are sent to the pool to get in shape simply splash around using a “doggy style” and pass the time chatting with friends (which is also awesome!). But to be honest, in terms of being in shape it’s probably much better to go for a walk if you don’t have right swimming technique.

So if you plan to use swimming as regular sport exercise we strongly recommend you to check your style with an professional swimming coach.

If you already know ho to swim, maybe, couple of individual lessons will ensure your health benefits from swimming.

And if you are not too confident in the water, consider a swimming course according with your level. Then you will be able to train on your own. But in this case you will understand all about the process.

Actually if you have never done any swimming course, we highly recommend to do it at least once in your life. You will love so much more the process if you feel that you are doing it right!


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