Measure your swimming improvement

You have finished your beginning course and now you train on your own. Well done! How can you know that you are improving if you are working without coach’s supervision? The only true indicator of whether or not you are improving in the water is to implement a test to measure your swimming improvement.

It has three measurable components:

  1. How fast you perform each rep.
  2. How many strokes you take during each rep.
  3. The interval you use for each repetition.

Three different ways that you can progress through the set to better determine how you are improving.



o let’s say the first time you did the set you ended up with the following results:

16×50 freestyle best average @:55

  • Avg. time: 32
  • Avg stroke count: 34

The next time you do the set you would want to aim for a smaller stroke rate or time. You could also do it on a faster interval.

You can improve on a single marker, or all three.

Over the course of a season, if you are doing the test set regularly, you’ll be astonished at how you improve across the spectrum of measurables.

If you train on your own this is important to do this test regularly. Even if you have missed some sessions. So do it every 4 weeks for example. Try to perform the test in very similar settings (after the same warm up for example).

Don’t forget to write down your results! Just open a swimming note in your smartphone for example. It will make easier to track your results.

If you know how to swim but you are not sure about your technique, join our short  continuation course which will help you to start your swimming routine.

Another alternative to achieve good results is to have individual sessions with a professional coach from time to time. So an expert can measure your swimming improvement and correct your technique or implement training program. To make your training affordable buy still effective you can have one private lesson every 2-3 weeks.

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