Can you catch a cold if you go to swim when it is cold?

If you It seams that it is getting colder day by day in Stockholm… Try to not miss your lessons even if is minus on the street! We understand that making your way to the pool in the cold and dark  can be more challenging for beginners. We will tell you why you will not get sick even after a wet refreshing activity. Actually official research has confirmed that dedicated swimmers are more likely to avoid a cold than any non-sporty friend of you.

It is true that during winter you are 80 per cent more likely to get a cold. But research consistently suggests that regular exercise is one of the best ways to avoid a cold in the winter months.

Research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2010 revealed that people who exercise regularly reduce their chances of catching a cold this winter and will suffer less severe symptoms.

Scientists from North Carolina (USA) found that adults who were physically active on five or more days a week were 50 per cent less likely to suffer from cold-like symptoms than those exercising once a week or less.

Exercise like swimming is great for lowering stress less which helps to maintain a healthy body.

The study, which tracked 1,002 adults between 18 and 85-years old over a 12-week period, also found the severity of the symptoms fell by 41 per cent for those who felt fittest and 31 per cent for those who were the most physically active.

The researchers said the results were due to a temporary rise in immune system cells every time the body exercises which leads to an overall increase in resistance to viruses and bacteria.

Aerobic exercise and perceived fitness levels were the most significant factors measured while eating fruit was also linked with a lower frequency of colds.

Another tips: Eat a meal rich in protein and fibrous carbohydrates immediately after exercise, it is the best way to maximise immune function.


If you think that after each lesson you end up with a runny noise, check if it is irritation or allergy. One possibility is to use nose pegs (as used by synchronised swimmers) and breathe through your mouth instead.

Can I really catch a cold just from going outside with wet hair?

You might not feel so cozy venturing out into the cold with a wet head, doing so doesn’t condemn you to illness. Colds and the flu are caused by viruses; the only way to come down with the bugs is to come into contact with those viruses that cause them.

Anyway Recent research suggests rhinoviruses, which cause the common cold, may thrive in low temperatures. But you won’t get an infection simply because your hair is wet. Or because you didn’t wear a jacket, or a scarf, or mittens, either.




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