Swedish swimming star

Today we want to congratulate our swimming queen from Sweden Sarah Sjöström with Svenska Dagbladets Bragdguld for the second time.

It is really special for us, because we are Swimming Club funded by 2 girls with passion and love for swimming.

Sarah is our never ending inspiration. We remind you that she is the current world record holder in the 50 meter freestyle (long course), the 100 meter freestyle (long course), the 200 meter freestyle (short course), the 50 meter butterfly (long course), and the 100 meter butterfly (long course and short course). She is the first Swedish woman to win an Olympic gold medal in swimming.

Six World Record, Three World Cup Gold and World Cup Silver. 2017 was to say a good year for Sarah Sjöström. 15th of January she was praised as the female athlete of the year at this year’s sports event.
“It feels incredible to be in the same range as Björn Borg and company! I can hardly imagine that I can receive Bragdguldet for the second time, “she says after receiving the Bragdguldet (see here all about sport superstars in Sweden).

Last year, Sjöström was named Europe’s premier female athlete of the world’s Olympic committees, something no Swedish has been before.
Jane Cederqvist, a former swimmer and the first female athlete to be awarded Bragdgulden, was very proud of Sjöström:
“You are a class in Swedish sport.

There are still more famourse male  swimmers than female swimmers in Sweden.

So now it is time to be proud, Sweden has one more star, as Sarah’s famous precursor Therese Alshammar “got retired” from swimming in 2016 (Swedish swimmer Therese Alshammar made her Olympic debut in Atlanta in 1996, aged 18. The Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 were her sixth, and she has won 3 Olympic medals, 25 world championship medals and 43 European championship medals. Alshammar is a specialist in short-distance races in freestyle and butterfly and has held several world records)

We are specially happy to encourage female newbies to join us. Please, read one of our best stories.

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