Our mission

 Stockholm International Swimming Club is a community of expats based in Stockholm, Sweden that love swimming. All our coaches have international background and extensive experience as life guards and swimming teachers. The important factor is that they train and compete in swimming and triathlon themselves.

We  inspire you to learn how to swim from scratch or improve your techniques of  breaststroke.

Stockholm International Swimming Club’s mission is to teach adults swimming. We teach people with international background who never had been living next to the water, never been able to learn swimming as kids or who had phobias and now feel strong enough to come to our classes and get over it. We teach them, for whom swimming is not just a sport to enjoy in their free time, it is the knowledge that will save life for them and maybe for their kids.

We have incredible students, with incredible lives: many scientists who come to Sweden for their post doc researches, a lot of Ph.D. students from different Swedish universities, well-educated professionals who has been invited to work in Sweden and help with their unique knowledge to this country.

We are very proud to work with our students. They inspire us with their life paths, their courage and willing to overcome their fears to water.

Most of our students come from India, China, Turkey and Russia.

Unfortunately, Stockholm International Swimming Club is relatively new club with zero connections in this city, which makes it extremely difficult for us to book water in Stockholm pools.

Currently, we are negotiating with several pools about booking the water and having more courses during spring 2018.