LAGOM – Summer Swimming Camp 2019

Laying on the beach sipping cocktails doesn’t sound like a good vacation plan? We have something for you, my friend! This summer we are arranging LAGOM – an intensive one week swimming camp in the heart of Stockholm. An opportunity to fall in love with Open Water forever. You will develop your freestyle stroke in the pool and get a chance to practice in the open water in a safe way together with our coaches.

As we love goal setting, this camp will be special, we finish with swimming a real Open Water Swimming Race, – Riddarfjärdsimning, one of the oldest Open Water swims in Sweden. The start is by the beautiful Stockholm City Hall. This race has a friendly and calm atmosphere, and, unlike other European cities, Stockholm is proud to offer clear and safe waters.

Riddarfjärdsimning is the perfect opportunity for those who are just starting their path in the open water. But if you would like a challenge, it can be great for you too, as the full distance is 3200 m. For the less adventurous we suggest swimming 1609m or even just the mini swim of 200 m.

It’s not all though! We are also preparing open water workshops from invited coaches to inspire you to train even further. Our partners include Team Snabbare and SK Neptun.


Pool Training EriksdalsbadetPool Training EriksdalsbadetPool Training EriksdalsbadetPool Training EriksdalsbadetPool Training EriksdalsbadetSwim Riddarfjärdsimning
15:00-17:00Try Open Water with our coachesTeam Snabbare – Open Water workshop in HellasgårdenTBA: Open water workshop
Picknick together
18:00-Welcome dinner

Price and what’s included

The price for the camp is 5875 SEK and includes: 

  • 10 hours in the pool with a coach, including 1-1 about your performance and stroke
  • entrance to the pool for all sessions
  • 3 open water workshops to prepare you for open water races
  • welcome dinner and picknick lunch after the race
  • race ticket


Do you want to participate in our camp but don’t have a place to stay in Stockholm? Contact us for a quote and assistance in booking accomodation!

Sign up

Sign up for the camp by dropping us an email to with your full name, personal number and contact information. We will get back to you within 2 working days with a confirmation

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