Swimming school for adults at Haga Health Club

This spring and summer we are training aspiring swimmers at a SPA. It has been amazing. Haga Health Club is located at the Raddison Blue Royal Park Hotel in Hagaparken and is a a very nice place for a beginner swimmer. The water in the pool is warm, it is not too deep and after a swimming session you can spoil yourself in the sauna or just relax by the pool eating fruit or an ecological lunch provided by the club.

Because of the luxury standard our prices had to be higher than usual and we understand that not everyone got to participate. We are working hard to find something that will work for more people. But, I think, people who decided to join us didn’t regret for a minute.

In small groups students progress faster and the atmosphere helped them relax.

Check out this gallery for pictures from our courses and don’t forget to check our Instagram for more!

Coach Anna and happy students


Coach Anna before the first class


Work in progress at Haga Health Club


Students with diplomas


Coach Anna is happy


After-swim relax

Leg cramps: beginners guide

Leg cramps: beginners guide

Sometimes while swimming you might feel a muscle cramp in one of your legs. A cramp is a sudden, involuntary muscle contraction or over-shortening; while generally temporary and non-damaging, they can cause mild-to-excruciating pain.

So how to prevent cramp and why do you get them?

There are many reason. Here are most popular ones:

  1. Because you just started using muscle you never used before and you have an unnecessary tension in them. It happens often in breaststroke, while you are performing leg kicks and your legs are too tense. Here is a link to some exercises you might find helpful http://lifeasaninvestment.com/2015/10/15/dry-land-exercises-for-swimmers-breaststroke/
  2. You need to drink more water during the swimming session. We give our students a water bottle with our logo at the start of every new course. Do not be shy to use them at the class. Drink water.
  3. Water in the pool is too cold. If you are not familiar being in the pool where water is colder than the usual water temperature, you might have a crap, because you feel cold. That is why we have a warming up time in the pool. Be active, move more to feel warmer.
  4. Kick from the core. We already highlighted at the class that all movements we are doing are coming from the core. Kick from the core, not your bottom.
  5. Lack of vitamins in your body. This rare condition can cause cramps. Multivitamins dose per day with a glass of water might help in a long term perspective.

How to handle a cramp?

Outside of the pool.
Stretching exercises are commonly advised. However, there is a lack of good research evidence to prove that they work. One research study concluded that stretching exercises did reduce the number and severity of cramps; however, another study did not confirm this. Nevertheless, many doctors feel that regular calf stretching does help. So, as it may help, it is worth trying if you are able to do the exercises.

Go out of the pool and come to the wall and:

Good luck!

Some tips to avoid catching a cold and recover from a cold faster.

Some tips to avoid catching a cold and recover from a cold faster.

We have noticed that our students catching cold most in early autumn and in early spring. That has a negative impact on the results from training especially at the beginning level.

Now it is one of these times of the year and we decided to collect our and our students’ experience of avoiding catching a cold and recovering from a cold faster.

How to avoid cold?

  1. Wash hands oftener. “No matter what line of work you’re in, if you come in contact with people who are contagious, you have to wash your hands over and over, says Alan Pocinki, MD from George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC.
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Heads and Tails

Heads and Tails

This is one of my most favourite crawl programs.

I am usually  get tired easy from swimming with paddles, but here the program is designed the way I can enjoy swimming and train hard without feeling pain in my shoulders.


Heads and Tails ~2500 m

Great all around technique session to really hone your form to transit into a tougher period of work.


Warm up

4 x 100 + 15 sec rest between every 100 m:

  • Pull buoy B3/5/3
  • Fins freestyle B5
  • Pull buoy: 25 m scull + 25 freestyle
  • Pull buoy: 25 m doggy paddle + 25 freestyle

Main Set

 Set “ Tails”:

10x 50 m fins (focus on rotation & relaxed recovery) +10 sec as

  1. 25 kick on the Left side + 25 freestyle
  2. 25 fast + 25 easy freestyle
  3. 25 kick on the Right side + 25 freestyle
  4. 25 fast + 25 easy freestyle
  5. 25 m 6/1/6 + 25 freestyle
  6. 25 fast + 25 easy freestyle
  7. 25 m 6/3/6 + 25 freestyle
  8. 25 fast + 25 easy freestyle
  9. 25 broken arrow + 25 freestyle
  10. 25 fast + 25 easy freestyle

Set “Heads”:

10 x 50 m pull buoy (focus on catch & propulsion) + 10 sec as

  1. 25 scull #1 (in front) + 25 freestyle
  2. 25 fast + 25 easy freestyle
  3. 25 scull #12 (under the body) + 25 freestyle
  4. 25 fast + 25 easy freestyle
  5. 25 scull #3 (hands behind) + 25 freestyle
  6. 25 fast + 25 easy freestyle
  7. 25 fists + 25 freestyle
  8. 25 fast + 25 easy freestyle
  9. 25 doggy paddle + 25 freestyle
  10. 25 fast + 25 easy freestyle

Cherry on the cake:

10 x 100 m freestyle (75% effort choice of B5s or breathing to least favorite side) + 10 sec

Cool down

100 m of your choice

Stockholmssimmet: we did it!

Stockholmssimmet: we did it!

“You can do this. You can do this. Fuck, it’s cold. I can’t really feel my feet. You can do this. You can do this. Ok. we are going to turn around now and then it’s going to be easier with the current. Jeese…Why does not it get better? Ok. I am just gonna slow down and swim on my back. Just breathe.”

That is approximately what was going in my mind during today’s swim. The weather was beautiful: one of this rare in Stockholm warm days with sunshine and cloudless sky. A perfect day for a long swim in Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen.

Me and Anna. Scared and pumped before the race.

Me and Anna got there on our bikes, the race wasn’t big, just around 200 people for both the 3,3 km distance(that we were doing) and the shorter 1,1 km stretch. I was feeling great. Until the moment I got into the water. It. was. cold. It felt like the Atlantic ocean in Cape Town. It kind of tickles your feet and you have an urge to get out (at least I do).

– Why am I doing it?, I asked Anna.

– Because you love swimming

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Ideas for tattoos for swimmers

Swim main

Maybe not that healthy, but sometimes we just need  a statement.  A powerful statement.

I do not have a tattoo yet…

So I started to look through possibilities and here what I found. Really inspirational for swimming lovers, so cute and funny!  One day I’ll make one of these passion statements!

Do you love swimming this much?

More ideas for swimming tattoos see here…

1500 m swimming training with swim fins

Swim KamishiSwim fins are fun! They are amazing training aid for swimmers! There are a lot af advantages for using swim fins: they increase fitness and cardiovascular conditioning, increase ankle flexibility, develop leg strength and improve technique. Here is a simple, mostly crawl, program for 1,5 km with swim fins we did today in 50 m pool in the morning.

Warm up/ Strech – dryland

15 min (see the program here)

Warm up in water

100 m crawl

200 m medley (50 m Butterfly, 50 m Crawl back, 50 m Breast, 50 m Crawl)Life as an Investment

Main Set

2 x 50 m leg kicks with fins crawl, your arms position: out straight in front.

4 x 50 m crawl with fins. First 50 m as fast as you can, second 50 m relax.

4 x 50 m crawl swim without fins.

4 x 50 m leg kicks butterfly with fins, arms breaststroke. Breath every second kick.

4 x 50 m crawl with fins. First 50 m as fast as you can, second 50 m relax.

2 x 50 m leg kicks with fins crawl, your arms position: out straight in front.

2 x 50 m crawl swim without fins.

 Cool down

100 easy swimming without fins, any style.

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swim fins Kamishi









Help your body to develop muscles so the muscles will help you to swim longer and faster.

Together with Life as an Investment we prepared a wonderful set of dryland exercises for crawl swimmers. It is a selection of exercises from Swimming Anatomy book by Ian McLeod. All of them you can do at home with just a little use of equipment or without equipment at all.

We start with


swimming school stockholm swimming school swimming dry land exercises  photoClose grip push up


  1. Facedown, slide both hands under your chest so that your thumbs touch along the midline of your body at nipple level. Your toes support your lower body.
  2. Holding your body in a straight line from your ankles to the top of your head, push your upper body upward until the elbows are almost locked.
  3. Lower your body until your chest is 2.5 cm off the ground.

Be careful if you already have pain in the shoulder joint and avoid dropping too far into the ending position.

A common mistake is to take the head out of line with the rest of the spine, which will lead to either arching of the back or dropping the hips to the ground.

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